Our Oyster List

Here is a list of our most popular oysters. We will occasionally have oysters that are not listed in stock and usually we carry anywhere between 5 to 10 types on hand that are shipped daily to our restaurant.



This is a mild Atlantic oyster.  “Bluepoint” is often used to describe any mild oyster from the East Coast.  The original Bluepoint was from Long Island Sound.  Today, a lot of oysters out of Connecticut are also called Bluepoints.  The quality and look are the same.  These used to be inexpensive and readily available however now they are pricey and limited in quantity as any specialty oyster.

Skinny Dippers

The Skinny Dippers are sustainably farmed in the southernmost waters of Maryland’s Chesapeake where the Atlantic brine mixes with the fresher currents of the Bay.  The result is an oyster with a unique medium brine taste that you won’t find with any other Maryland oyster.  They have a clean soft salt taste with a buttery finish.


Huckleberry oysters are cultured in off-bottom cages and carefully hand-selected. The farm is located on the salty shores of Maryland’s Southern Chesapeake Bay.  This gives the oysters a soft salt taste with a refreshingly clean finish.  

Old 1871

Old 1871 Oysters are a medium to large oyster that feed on fresh water currents loaded with sweet plankton in isolated barrier islands. It is here where the cold, salty Atlantic tides give the oysters their robust flavor. As you slurp on Old 1871 it hits your mouth with a sudden burst of brine, followed by hints of celery and grass rooted on your tongue. The deep, elongated cup provides thick meats and the perfect vessel for a blast of the pristine Atlantic Ocean.


Cultivated in the chilly North Atlantic waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in New Brunswick, Canada these oysters are cultured close to the water surface in floating bags. Grown in sparsely populated coastal arears, these oysters have the benefit of almost complete isolation. These small to medium sized oysters are mildly briny with a clean refined finish.

38° North

Grown in floating cages off of the coast of Maryland, these 3 ½ inch oyster have just the right balance of salinity from Chesapeake Bay.  The meats are firm and full.

Alpine Bay

Harvested in Prince Edward Island, Canada by hand.  These oysters have a smooth, copper colored shell with a deep cup, a crunchy bite and a clean aftertaste.

Bras D’ or 

These oysters are harvested from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  Grown wild these oysters have flatter bodies with curved shells and deep cups.  They are very briny as are most northern Canadian oysters.


Harvested from New Brunswick, Canada.   They are oblong in shape and the shell is a light brown marbled with white. The meat is full and the flavor is sweet and salty.  They may not be big but they pack a punch!

East Beach

Sourced through Charlestown Salt Pond, located in southeastern Rhode Island.  East Beach oysters are characterized as a high salinity and firm textured meats.

French Kiss

This unique oyster has not only a fascinating name, but a special packaging and hails from Miramichi Bay, New Brunswick. “French kisses” have a deeply cupped, paisley-shaped shell and behold a very full meat with a profound salinity, briny liquor, and a sweet finish.


Also known as the Blue Yonder, these oysters are grown in specialized oyster cages, which produce a deep cup and dense shell. They are a clean, uniform and white shelled oyster. They are grown in Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts, an excellent location for oyster grow-out because it is protected from Cape Cod Bay and has a constant flow of nutrients.


Grown in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay, in St. Mary’s County, Maryland this oyster is available year round.  The Hollywood oyster is medium salinity accenting the taste of the crisp, plump meat with smooth hints of cucumber finish.

Fat Baby

Fat Baby oysters are wild oysters that are diver-harvested from the deep cold waters of Long Island’s Gold Coast.  Their heavy deep cups are hand washed and graded for quality and presentation.  The meats are wicked salty.

Misty Point

Misty Points are raised on exclusive grounds in the pristine seaside waters of Popes Bay, Virginia.  The flavor profile is high salinity up front that fades into bright, sweet hints of celery and grass.

Naked Cowboy

Naked Cowboy oysters like their namesake, the Naked Cowboy that hails from New York are lively and refreshingly salty. These slow-grown oysters are plump and meaty with a rich, salty, and savory finish.

Pink Moon

Pink Moon oysters are harvested in Prince Edward Island from one of the most northern stocks of oysters in North America. They are cocktail size (2½ -3 inches) oysters that have a wonderful salty taste, clean flavor and a sweet finish.

Fanny Bay

These oysters are grown in Fanny Bay on the East coast of Vancouver Island in Baynes Sound. They are salty, yet sweet with a firm, plump flesh with a dark mantle.  Their thick shells make for easy opening.

Sunset Beach

This oyster is beach raised in South Hood Canal, Washington.  This is a hearty oyster, medium in size with a full, mildly briny meat.  

Golden Nugget

Golden Nuggets are small, 2 – 2½” in size.  These Washington oysters are sweet with a deep cup. 

White Stone

White Stone oysters are raised in Virginia, where the Chesapeake Bay meets the mouth of the Rappahannock River, and where food density is highest and the water is the purest.  These oysters have a deep cup and plump meats


A medium sized shallow shelled oyster, which is very meaty with clean and crisp taste.  They are harvested in Wellfleet Harbor and Cape Cod.

Holy Grail

Holy Grail oysters have a deep cup with full bodied meats and are 2½ inch on average. They are grown in the Chesapeake Bay making them briny and sweet with a complex finish. 

Katama Bay

These beautiful farm-raised oysters are grown in Katama Bay on the southeast side of Martha’s Vineyard, known for tidal flows and extremely pristine waters. They are very uniform in size and shape, and their white shells are large and deep measuring about 4 inches. The flavor profile is very sweet with a medium salt content.  The finish is soft, clean and has a pronounced sweet-cream roundness.  


This oyster has become as familiar to many oyster eaters as the bluepoint.  This oyster comes in a variety of sizes but the flavor is the same.  It has a slightly bitter, lettuce like flavor, clean aftertaste and firm juicy texture.  Harvested from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Sex on the Beach

This racy oyster is raised in the icy cold waters of Bedec Bay, New Brunswick.  Sex on the Beach oysters have a medium salinity with a creamy cucumber finish.  They are 2½-3 inch cocktail oysters with plump meats. Sex on the Beach are farmed using an advanced floating bag system, then refined on metal tables at the bottom of the ocean just before harvest. 


This is the quintessential Chesapeake Bay oyster. Sweet, mildly briny with a clean, crisp finish. 

Sweet Petites

Sweet Petite oysters are short and stocky measuring out at 21/2 inches and possess thick, russet colored rounded shells. A neat hinge makes for an easy open into a deep cupped shell loaded with fattened meats. They possess a briny blast and mild chew. 


 Wianno Oysters are grown in the crystal clear waters of Cape Cod Bay and Nantucket Sound.  Always harvested by hand, Wianno Oysters have a pearl white interior shell and a distinctive exterior that denotes a superior quality New England Oyster.  These plump, succulent oysters have the distinct sweet and briny “Wellfleet” flavor.


These oysters are aquacultured in Wake, VA.  Deep cupped and mineral rich, with an understated saltiness that lets the oyster’s natural flavor come through.  They have a sweet, buttery, full bodied taste with a refreshingly clean, crisp finish.

Strawberry Creek

Strawberry Creek oysters are wild oysters harvested from Harpswell, Maine. These oysters have a strong briny flavor.

Baie Bleues

Baie Bleues are grown where the Chesapeake Bay meets the mouth of the Rappahannock River.  The flavor profile is clean, fresh, crisp, grass notes with a light brine and plump meats. The clean shells are very easy to shuck.


This oyster has a rich, briny flavor.  The oysters are very uniform in size and are power washed to strengthen and clean the shells.  These oysters are cultured by rack and bag method in Point Judith Pond, Rhode Island.

Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon Oysters are harvested with love from the Long Island Sound.  Every oyster is uniformly cleaned and graded by hand to share consistent qualities:  petite, plump, and without cracks, which ensures natural moisture and superlative shelf life.  

25% net revenue of every Pink Ribbon Oyster is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Irish Point

Beautiful cultured cocktail oysters (2½ – 3 inch), Irish Points are bottom grown oysters with full meats.   The salty cold water from the tides that run between Hope River and the Gulf of St. Lawrence give these oysters a medium salinity and nice clean finish. 

Plymouth Champagne

These oysters with their light brine and sweet flavor are meant to be paired with champagne.  They are grown off bottom at White Flat, Massachusetts.



 Our oysters are grown in the tidelands of a natural glacier-carved fjord in the Kitsap Peninsula of Puget Sound.  The pristine fresh water outflow from Harding creek Estuary gives the oysters a well-balanced combination of sweetness at the start and a buttery soft brine finish… unique taste of fresh rain and low salinity. 

Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus Oysters are grown in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay, in St. Mary’s County, Maryland – the home of the national oyster shucking championship.  
The merroir of the Hollywood and Sweet Jesus Oyster is lower salinity of a Chespeake Bay oyster – enhancing the taste of the crisp, plump meat with smooth hints of cucumber finish.

Kumamoto Oysters

are deep-cupped with petite meats, have a mild brininess, sweet flavor and a honeydew finish. They are a favorite for both new oyster eaters and connoisseurs.