Blue Point Restaurant Has Northwest Indiana’s Largest Fresh Oyster Selection Daily!

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Our Restaurant

Blue Point Oyster and Sushi bar is located in the heart of the downtown Valparaiso area right across the street from the courthouse. We pride ourselves on our seafood quality and selection shipped from the freshest sources from the east and west coasts along with local fish suppliers. We also have regular shipments flown in from Hawaii and Greece for our menu favorites as well as our house specials.

Live Entertainment

During the summer months we have live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights. We incorporate local bands such as Chad Clifford and Angelo Cicco as well as famous region musicians such as hall of famer Big Dog Mercer.

Our Oysters

Our oyster selection encompasses dozens of different salinities and brands from all over the US. If you haven’t tried our oysters freshly shucked, then you are really missing out. You can view our oyster list here.  

We Take Time To Perfect Our Sushi

Our hand rolled sushi is a big local favorite. We slice only the best parts of whole fish that includes yellowtail, tuna, mackerel, and others depending on the specials. Our options include traditional/inside out prepared sushi like california rolls to inventive house creations such as our popular fiesta roll! In addition to rolls, we serve nigiri and sashimi cuts of high quality sushi grade select fish.

We have created specific items in order to provide a quick and delicious dining experience. One of our most popular sushi dishes was a house concoction called sushi bowls. We take favorite sushi ingredients such as wakame seaweed, edamame and our best sushi cuts and change the way you enjoy sushi!

Reservations, Carryouts, and Events

We offer a fantastic dining experience in many different settings! We are open for lunch, dinner, and late night entertainment. Alongside dine-in, carryout, and general reservations, we also have catering available for your party, baby shower, corporate event or celebration!

A custom party menu is available at request! If we know a head count and general budget, we can make your event the perfect within your budget for the night. We can accommodate small party sizes as well as larger community events and fundraisers up to approximately 100 guests.

About Our Chef:

Chef Eddie Luick has 26+ years of experience in the downtown Valparaiso restaurant scene creating dishes for restaurants such as Bon Femme and TommyB’s Steakhouse among others. After perfecting his techniques over the years experimenting with different ingredient combinations inspired from around the world, he knew it was finally time to execute the downtown fine-dining experience in his unique way as a chef.

Eddie’s vision was to bring Valparaiso a seafood, pasta and steak experience that rivaled coastal based establishments in terms of freshness and quality dining. Blue Point was officially started May, 6th 2016 by joint owners Eddie Luick and  partner Sam Werkema (who had also been in the restaurant industry for years).

How Are We Doing?

How can we serve you better? Contact us with questions, comments, or concerns regarding the restaurant. We aim to please and listening to our customers is a vital step in the process. Contact us at Contact@BluePoint-Seafood(dot)com